Headteacher's Award

23 Oct

As we are unable to host our Headteachers’ tea party due to current guidelines, we have decided to do it a little differently this year.  Each teacher will choose someone from their class to receive a Headteacher’s Award, they will receive a certificate and at the end of the school year each child that has received a Headteacher’s Award will then get invited to an end of year Headteacher’s tea party where they will celebrate their achievement. Children that received a certificate in term 1 were:


F Griffin Ralph                 4 Griffin Emily

F Toke Autumn                4 Toke Alexander

1 Griffin Charlie              5 Griffin Victor

1 Toke Minnie                  5 Toke Ellie

2 Griffin Ruby                  6 Griffin Alfie

2 Toke Florence               6 Toke Isabelle

3 Griffin Millie                  Goldwell Daniel