Wherever you look, whatever you do and wherever you go, science is all around us.

Human nature is to be curious about the world we live in and children enjoy being curious and inquisitive. From an early age children ask the question ‘Why?’ As parents and teachers we may not always have the answers to these questions but it can be fun trying to find out and make sense of what is happening all around us.

Primary Science is split into four areas:

  • Scientific Enquiry
  • Life Processes and Living Things
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Physical Processes

We have main concept threads weaving through the science curriculum: What makes it change; What makes it live; What makes it go.

Scientific enquiry is the area that the children seem to enjoy most. Discovering things for themselves, rather than being told, is a great way to learn in a meaningful way. It’s not always finding out why things work but also learning from why things don’t work.