September 2021 Admissions

Admissions For September 2021

September 2021 Admissions (children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017)

All schools will be managing the situation differently and unfortunately due to the current situation we will not be organising any tours of the school. We have made this decision to ensure we protect the safety of our staff and pupils, which is also supported by KCC. 

As an alternative to a face to face tour of our school you can now join us virtually by accessing our recording below.

You can also access a powerpoint presentation, explaining a little more about Great Chart Primary School. 


Admissions for children born between 1.9.16 and 31.8.17

If you applied online KCC will email you on 16 April 2021 after 4pm to tell you which school you have been offered. They cannot guarantee the exact time you will receive your email, this will depend on your email service provider. You can also log in from 5pm on 16 April 2021 to view your offer.

After you get your school offer

You will then need to inform the school in writing by Wednesday 5th May 2021 as to whether you will accept the place or not. 

If your child has been successful in getting a place at Great Chart Primary School for September 2021 please take note of our special dates:

Wednesday 5th May - Acceptance Deadline and Nursery/ Pre School Information


Please email the school office to accept or decline your child’s place by Wednesday 5th May. When accepting your child's place please include the name of your child’s nursery or pre school and their contact details. 

 Please could you let us know which nursery or pre school your child attends so that we are able to arrange information sharing meetings with them. We may not visit nurseries in person but we will  hopefully discuss children with their key workers or nursery leaders. 

 Friday 28th May - DEADLINE for Documents to be returned to school 

 You will need to fill in the forms that we will be sending to you after we received your acceptance letter (please note the sooner you send your acceptance to school the sooner you will receive your pack – you should have it by Friday 14th May at the latest). Please bring all requested documentation along with the original of your child’s full birth certificate.

We will also need to check the following documentation for proof of your child’s main address (these can also be emailed to us in the meantime, but we will require to see the original documents by Friday 28th May):

Proof of your address should include:

  • Council Tax statement for 2020/21 and 2021/22 OR
  • Signed Tenancy Agreement or Exchange of Contracts/Completion document

Plus at least one of these:

  • Child/Working Tax Credit/Child Benefit/JSA/Disability Benefit Letter or Statement
  • Driving Licence
  • Schedule of Motor Insurance
  • Utility bills such as Gas/Water/Electric/Sky/Virgin Media/BT/Broadband etc
  • Payslip

  Proof that your child lives at the same address can be any of:

  • Doctor/Hospital appointment letter in the child’s name
  • Savings account or bank statement in the child’s name
  • Child benefit statement
  • Letter from their nursery / preschool / current school

 Please Note - This is not an exhaustive list and the school / Local Authority reserves the right to request further documentation if it considers the evidence provided insufficient to prove residence at the application address. If you have used an incorrect address on your application or your circumstances have changed unexpectedly, please contact the Primary Admissions team for guidance at .

If you do not provide address evidence or if you provide insufficient evidence to confirm your address at the final closing date of 9 February 2021 the offer may be withdrawn even after your child has started at the school.

Please bring these documents to the school office from Monday 17th May between the hours of 9.30am and 2.20pm to ensure we are adhering to social distancing rules.

Wednesday 23rd June at 6pm - Information Session for Parents - (ONE PARENT FROM EACH FAMILY) - no children to this event

An information session for parents of children born between 1.9.16 and 31.8.17 has been arranged for Wednesday 23rd June to start at 6pm.  This session will be for one parent from each family only. Even if you have older children who are already attending this school I do urge you to come to this meeting since admission arrangements do vary each year. We will be able to explain to you the arrangements in place for when your child starts school and give you other information about school.  

Please note this session is for parents only and children are not allowed to attend. We will not be checking documentation and birth certificates at this meeting or showing uniform samples. 

Although hopefully restrictions will no longer be in place, we would ask that parents wear a face covering if possible. 

June 2021 - Transition Sessions 

We would like to invite your child to some induction sessions so that they can meet the staff and become familiar with their new classroom. There will be 3 induction sessions per class. 

Parents will be informed about class allocations at the beginning of term 6 in a separate letter/email. 

Date - Time 


Thursday 24th June 1:15-2:15pm 

  Toke (Woodland) 

Friday 25th June


Griffin (Forest)

Tuesday 29th June- 1:15-2:15pm 

  Toke (Woodland)

Wednesday 30th June


Griffin (Forest)

Wednesday 7th July


  Toke (Woodland)

Thursday 8th July


Griffin (Forest)