June 2022

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs W Pang – Headteacher

Mrs P High – Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Thomas – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Page – School Business Manager

Office Staff

Mrs K Davies – Office Manager

Mrs K Gibbins – Finance Officer

Mrs P Butcher – Receptionist 

Inclusion Team

Mrs P High – Inclusion Manager

Miss E Bennett – Assistant Inclusion Manager

Mrs N Ostridge – Family Liaison Officer

Foundation Stage

Teachers: Miss E Bennett, Mrs N Bissett, Mrs V Davies (EYFS Leader)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Evans, Miss S Jeffree, Miss H Spooner (1:1), Miss A Thomas

Year 1

Teachers: Mrs E Dale (KS1 Science Leader), Mrs L Thompson 

Teaching Assistants: Mr H Anderson, Miss D Bissett (1:1), Mrs L Lee, Mrs J Smith (1:1), Miss A Whittle (2:1)

Year 2

Teachers: Miss S Cadman (English Leader – KS1), Mrs J Thomas (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs Q Qureshi

Teaching Assistants:  Mr M Bagshaw (1:1), Mrs T Marsh, Mrs C Medlen, Mrs J Torrance (1:1)

Year 3

Teachers: Mrs V Cullen, Mrs Mowl

Teaching Assistants: Mrs U Bispham, Mrs D Booth, Mrs T Page (1:1)

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs E Barker (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Leader, Phase 3&4 Leader), Miss Fillmore (Mathematics Leader), Miss Paggett

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Khalil, Mrs T McHugh, Miss A Robinson

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs R Bilham, Mrs Burton, Mrs Warman

Teaching Assistants: Mrs G Kurti (1:1), Mrs L Shevlin, Mrs J Thompson (1:1), Mrs Vassallo

Year 6

Teachers: Mr Birch (English Leader – KS2, Phase 5&6 Leader), Mrs M Carter (Science Leader KS2), Miss Maybourne, Mrs Watson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Bowman, Mrs T Pile

PPA Cover

Miss J Adams

Other Teaching Support

Mrs E Bennett

Mrs J Eyers

Site Staff

Mr T Roberts – Site Manager

Mr M Beck – Assistant Site Manager

Mr H Cook – Casual Relief Caretaker

Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs N Ostridge (Supervisor), Mr H Anderson, Mrs E Archard, Mrs U Bispham, Miss B Castle

Midday Meals and Playtime Supervisors:

Mrs J Smith (Supervisor), Mrs E Archard, Miss B Castle, Mrs E Castle, Miss E Crump, Mrs K Culver, Mrs T Gainsford, Mrs M Hance,  Mrs A Parish, Miss S Taylor

Catering Staff:

Mrs A Griffiths (Head Cook), Mrs M Waller (Assistant Cook)                              

Catering Assistants: Mrs S Inglis, Miss T Pearson, Miss M Wicken 

Cleaning Staff:

Mrs A Yalcin (Supervisor), Miss E Cox, Miss E Crump, Miss S Davies, Miss H Kenyon


Number of employees whose gross salary exceeds £100k - 0